Relationship Counselling

Introductory session

During the introductory session you can talk about why you are here and we will discuss how I might be able to help you in your particular case. Often, we can already make a start.

Follow-up sessions

Over time in the relationship between partners, patterns can arise in the interaction and communication. These patterns may block the connection between the partners, so that certain underlying psychological needs remain unfulfilled. This can affect the quality of the relationship in a negative way and the relationship may become strained. Partners no longer understand each other, they may argue a lot, they can grow apart and may no longer know what to do.

During the sessions I will listen to what lies behind those patterns. What psychological needs are at stake? I will help you shift your attention from what is wrong with (the behaviour of) your partner or yourself to what you need and what your partner needs and how to bring this forward in the communication. Through increased mutual understanding, the connection with yourself and your partner is strenghtened, allowing for change and personal growth.


Changing patterns is a process. The number of sessions people need before they can continue by themselves is different for everyone. Sometimes a single session may suffice. Mostly, the duration of my assistance ranges from 4 to 8 sessions. The sessions often take place every two weeks so that in between sessions partners can work with insights or alternative solutions.

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Relationship Counselling Nijmegen – Medendorp Psychologist

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