Feeling anxious or fearful?

Psychological help with anxiety, fears and phobias

Being anxious, experiencing social anxiety, being afraid of something in specific (phobia), or having a panic attack is very unpleasant.

Fear is a feeling that arises in a dangerous situation. Nature has designed this mechanism in order to protect us when our safety is at risk.

Our personal history plays an important role in how we interpret situations and in what we think we should do when we feel afraid. It happens frequently that the strategies we use when we are feeling fearful, leave certain unrecognized psychological needs unfulfilled.

In the sessions we take time for some reflection: what is happening exactly and what are you thinking? I will help you to listen to what is important to you in these situations and help you find the courage to put this into practice.

Insurance coverage from Dutch supplementary insurance is available, depending on the insurance company and your policy. I am a member of the NFG, the RBCZ and the NIP.

If you want to know more about my approach or if you want to make an appointment, feel free to contact me.

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