psychologische hulp nijmegen, psycholoog nijmegen, angst, burnout, depressie, eetproblemen, eetstoornissen, eetstoornis, gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen, nare jeugdervaringen, trauma, rouwverwerking, stress, overspannenheidAt my psychology practice in Nijmegen, I offer short-term person-centered and experiential therapy. This psychological approach can be helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, posttraumatic stress, eating problems and complicated grief. It can be helpful when you experience a lack of self-confidence or feel insecure, when you have a negative view of yourself or when you experience shame or feelings of guilt frequently.

My basic premise is that people are naturally inclined to develop and realize their full potential. When you’re on this track, you experience a sense of well-being, purpose and direction in life. I’d like to help you rediscover this track.

Psychological Help

Introductory session

During the introductory session you can talk about why you are here and we will discuss how I might be able to help you.

Follow-up sessions

Initially we typically focus on elucidating the pattern around your complaints and problems. By being interested in your thoughts, by listening carefully to your feelings and untangling painful ones, taking your needs seriously and by helping you understand the connection between your symptoms and what happened to you in your life, you will come to see your symptoms in a different light. Complaints or symptoms are a profuse source of information that can be used as a guide through difficult circumstances.

By elucidating the pattern in a compassionate way, you will likely realize how you treat yourself. You probably will be able to connect with deeper psychological needs.

At this point you may feel relieved, your perspective will change and you will find renewed strength to solve problems in creative ways. You may spontaneously see what you can think or do in a difficult situation and you may feel sufficiently helped. In collaboration, we can also explore new pathways to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

It may become evident that certain patterns originate in painful childhood experiences. It is possible to delve deeper into this; more information can be found in the box below.


Changing a pattern is a process. The number of sessions people need before they can continue by themselves differs from person to person. Sometimes a single session will suffice. Mostly, the duration of my assistance ranges from 5 to 12 sessions. Slightly longer journeys are also possible. Usually, the frequency of the sessions decreases after a while.

Psychological help in processing painful childhood experiences

The connection with certain psychological needs may have become disrupted or may have been lost since (early) childhood, resulting in persistent patterns.

The emotional core of such a pattern can become clear very quickly by talking about a recent troubling situation. When you talk, I will conjure up an image of ‘the-child-you-were’. When I portray this back to you, you will briefly get in touch with the emotional reality of your childhood.

Your perspective will change, as will your view of yourself. For this to happen, children need someone on their side unconditionally. I see this as being my role as a psychologist. Gradually, you will learn to recognize the ‘child-in-yourself’ better and you can take on this task yourself. You will develop more empathy and trust in your feelings and needs. You will be able to escape the constant repetition of old patterns.

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